In 1942 Ilvo Fontana was commissioned by the Italian Navy to create a wristwatch of the highest quality, durability, precision and accuracy, without sacrificing anything from wristwatch. A daunting task, one Ilvo was prepared to tackle head-on. Unfortunately this project never actually bore fruit, prompting Ilvo's grandson Italo Fontana to take these designs and plans and turn them into something the world hasn't yet seen. Following his motto "A new dimension in time" Italo back in 2000 began designing his own watches drawing inspiration from his grandfathers previous work. Italo worked meticulously for 7 years producing watches with a new look, handcrafted, bold features, and legibility under all conditions with a strong distinctive design were just a few of the characteristics one has grown to expect from a U-Boat wristwatch. Today U-Boat produces wristwatches for various collections, all unique from one another, yet all sharing two characteristics, quality and precision. 

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