In 1980 Hublot was both founded by Carlo Crocco in Nyon, Switzerland and debuted the worlds first natural rubber-strap in Basel. Despite starting off on a rough patch not selling a single unit during the show, Hublot received overwhelming success by the end of year accumulating sells profits in excess of $2 million. In 2005 Hublot again shook-up the watch industry with the unveiling of the "Big Bang" a wristwatch responsible for the companies "2005 Design Prize" awarded by the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix held in Switzerland, and the "Sports Watch Prize" awarded by the Watch of The Year ceremony held in Japan, and the Middle Eastern Prize for the "Best Oversized Watch" at the Editor’s Choice "Watch of the Year" in Bahrain for excelling in both function and design. In 2008 Carlo Crocco sold Hublot to luxury goods group LVMH where they continue to innovate by fusing precious metals with nonconventional materials, such as titanium, steel, natural rubber, and carbon fiber to name a few.