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With a dedicate team of watchmakers, polishers, and jewelers from all around the world, Chronostore can perform high-quality service on all major luxury watch brands including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, IWC, TAG Heuer and many others. Chronostore thrives on building long-term relationships with personal clients as well as companies through our in-house watch repair center where we’re capable of handling fast turn-around deadlines and even provide some same-day services.




So that we can estimate the cost of your watch and/or jewelry repair, please enter your contact details and attach photos of your item(s) at the bottom of the page. We'll diagnose your problem, free of charge. Once your message has been sent, you'll receive a follow-up e-mail shortly thereafter. Our service center can typically assess the problem with your timepiece and/or jewelry within 24 hours of receiving it.



Your 1-year warranty protects you against any service-related issues. The Chronostore Warranty can apply to a watch’s movement, hands, and dial within regard to manufacturing defects such as an inability to keep time or not perform to the specifications of the movement type. However, this warranty directly excludes batteries, cases, crystals, fabric straps, or metal bracelet defects. The warranty does not cover damages due to improper care, neglect, misuse, accidents, or any normal wear and tear. The Chronostore Warranty is also void if the watch is damaged by accident, opened, taken apart, has an authorized service performed, or other factors due to defects in material or workmanship. Service work that is not covered under warranty may be completed for an additional charge; such charges will be notified and agreed upon prior to performing any customizations or repair services.



We offer same-day services starting at 15 minutes for simple issues, however other repairs may take hours.



In addition to watch services, we offer various watch parts for a plethora of luxury brand watches.



We're a full-service center that is capable of diagnosing and repairing any and all watch problems. From something such as a watch no longer running, running fast or slow, or even physical damage, we are your one-stop shop. We specialize in luxury Swiss automatic, mechanical and quartz movements.


Cosmetic Watch Maintenance

This includes ultrasonic cleaning and steaming of the case, bracelet, buckle and demagnetization of the watch. Whether you seek to just touch up your watch’s cosmetic appearance with a deep cleaning or something as extensive as a deep polish, we have what you need. We will disassemble your watch's external components such as the bracelet, case and buckle and wash them in an ultrasonic cleaner and steam all of the components bringing back luster and shine.


Battery Check and Replacement

Energy consumption check where batteries are tested and replaced with new Swiss batteries. If the batteries are found to still retain power then we can inspect the movement and let you know if the movement needs to be repaired or replaced. 


Water Resistance Recovery:

Watch-case is analyzed within a water-resistance-testing device before certain repairs take place. Your watch will be tested in our Witschi Proofmaster S water and air seal pressure tester. If your watch passes both tests this will be preserved after our service. If one or both needs to be restored, this work can be performed for you as well. Not all watches are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant by the manufacturer but if yours is one and especially if you have had service performed at another location, maintaining the water-seal integrity may have been overlooked upon resealing the case, which can allow water to enter the movement and lead to costly repairs and service resulting from the water damage.


General Watch Repair/Service

Repair of Automatic, Mechanical and Quartz movement luxury watches.


High Polishing, Satin Finishing and Sandblasting: 

A watch is an investment you expect to not only work perfectly, but look great too. We can return your watch and/or jewelry back to its original luster and shine. However, over time regular wear and tear can take a toll on any piece. Accidents too can happen leaving chips, scratches and dents that mar the look of your piece. Our expert refinishers can restore your watch and/or jewelry to look as new in many different finishes, such as Satin-finish, Sandblast, High-polish and Rhodium Plating.


Crystal Polishing and Replacement:

Over time various parts of your watch may become damaged from wear and tear, manufacturer defects, or even defective workmanship, including Sapphire, Mineral, Acrylic and Plexi Crystals. Sometimes it is even found that internal watch components may be missing or improperly situated which will manifest in a malfunctioning watch. Physical damage to the watch such as dropping it or submerging in water without ensuring it’s water resistance can lead to damaged internal components as well as chipped, scratched, cracked or missing external components.


Strap and Bracelet Replacement or Repair

We carry a range of leather, fabric, rubber, steel, gold and ceramic bands replacements. You may choose a replacement from the original manufacturer band, a similar one of the same brand, or compatible various, generic, aftermarket ones that are also available. Since we’re not only a full service center, but a retail and wholesale watch dealer as well, we have contacts across the industry allowing us to procure thousands of different parts and accessories as needed.


Replace Damaged or Missing Parts

A watch is an intricate combination of style and engineering crafted over hundreds of years. External watch components, such as various crowns, pushers, pins, screws, bezels, dials, crystals and more are susceptible to damage and just the same the internal parts of your watch can wear from time and become damaged. This can lead to obvious manifestations such as inaccurate timekeeping. Our complete overhaul service can determine what parts, if any, need repair or replacement. We guarantee certified genuine spare parts installation.




One of the main activities of our watchmakers is the restoration of the watch. Including, polishing a case and a bracelet, eliminating scratches and chips, glass polishing and making new ones, as well as watch case and bracelet rhodium plating. 


Chronograph Repair:

A chronograph is one of the most popular complications found in many watches. Our service center features experts with a combined 100 years of experience servicing the finest Swiss movements and specialize in chronograph repair and overhaul. You may find your chronograph not keeping time accurately or no longer running as expected. We here at Chronostore can diagnose and expertly repair any and all issues related to your chronograph watch, both mechanical and quartz movements by conducting an overhaul, adjusting timekeeping accuracy, and certifying time on a time-grapher. 


Movement Restoration:

Professional overhaul of your timepiece. Disassembly, washing, lubrication and resealing of the movement, along with repair or replacement parts as needed. A watch undergoing a complete movement restoration undergoes the following steps: 

1 • Comprehensive external inspection, 

2 • Complete disassembly of the watch (All the internal components as well as external),

3 • Components are repaired or replaced as necessary, 

4 • Adjustment of the escapement, balance-spring and balance are performed, 

5 • The components are all thoroughly washed and dried (At this point, if you elected to have refinishing/polishing performed it would be done as well), 

6 • The watch is reassembled and the amplitude and water-resistance tests are performed, 

7 • The watch is then placed on the automatic winders over a period of 24-48 hrs for observation. 


Complications Repair:

We at Chronostore are able to service and repair all complications of your watch. We have experts that can fully service a chronograph's day-date functions, multi-time zone movements, calendars, moon-phase, chronometer repair or replacement to even the most complex of complications such as a repeater or tourbillon.


Authenticity Verification:

Comprehensive visual inspection, verification and appraisal of authenticity, originality of parts and components. 



It is hard to find a watchmaker who is ready to take up work with certain complications such as a repeater, a tourbillon or a moon-calendar. Our expert repair service technicians are highly qualified and have extensive experience in working with complex breakdowns. We will offer to replace the mechanisms only in the case of impossibility of repair.



When working with any service center you should take into account key factors that distinguish the work of an experienced watchmaker vs an unskilled one. After opening the case the watch may lose its water-resistance, and you will find it out too late. Also you can be supplied with a non-original spare part that won’t last long. Before opening the case, we check the watch for water resistance and guarantee its preservation after completion of the work.



 A magnetized watch case can strongly impact the timekeeping accuracy of your watch. We will demagnetize your watch after completion of all service as part of your repair.



Timekeeping Accuracy:

As part of our testing we verify that your timepiece keeps accurate time using visual, electronic, and acoustic verification following a minimum 72hr quality control process.





Vibrograf RM90:

A German engineered, multi- function 4-step movement cleaning machine, which provides superior cleaning.


Witschi Proofmaster S Dry Water Tester:

Verifies the water resistance of a watch with a 2-step process, vacuum and positive pressure.


M-Tester 6000A II Timegrapher:

Electronic acoustic timekeeping verification.


Bergeon Watch Tools:

All the finest instruments our experts require to make your timepiece as good as new.


Our Average Prices: 



Rolex Datejust Overhaul


Quartz Movement Replacement


Raymond Weil Glass Crystal Replacement


Watch Band Replacement starts at


Case and Bracelet Polish






 *Prices DO NOT include parts if necessary.





Audemars Piguet

Richard Mille

Patek Philippe







Christian Dior

Raymond Weil


Tag Heuer

& More



In addition to repairing watches, our experts provide extensive Fine Jewelry Services for any type of designer or handmade piece, including but not limited to: Ring Re-sizing, Setting Stones, Prong Re-tipping, Jewelry Assembly, Polishing, Soldering, as well as Ultra-sonic Cleaning and Steaming to name a few. Our services extend beyond rings however, we’re able to inspect any bracelet, necklace, earring, chain or other kind of jewelry that needs adjustment and provide a free estimate before making any changes. Regardless of where your jewelry was purchased, we offer a 1-year Service Warranty on all our work and can appraise items as well, even if you don’t service your watch with us.




Contact Us For Estimate:

One of our service center experts will discuss your issue based on your description and/or submitted photos, providing you an initial estimate.


Visual Inspection:

You can either mail us your timepiece or come into our service center for a drop-off. Upon receiving the watch our expert watchmakers conduct a thorough visual inspection and provide an itemized estimate of any problems aside the cost to repair it.



At this point you can either accept the estimate and we begin the repair or have the item returned back to you.


Water Resistance Test:

Your watch shall be tested for water-resistance for free. If the watch is water-resistant, we guarantee that it will remain so after completion of the work. If not this can be included in your service.


Complete Diagnostics:

We conduct a complete fault detection service within 1-2 days where the watch is disassembled to check the mechanisms, pushers, case, bracelet and other components.



The mechanism is cleaned in an automatic 4-stage washer then the watch case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned and steamed.


Part Repair & Replacement:

If necessary any broken or missing pieces are replaced with new authentic parts.


Assembly & Quality Control:

The repaired watch is reassembled, lubricated, sealed with water-resistance restored and placed on a time-grapher. Afterwards, its further verified over a 72-hour period on a watch winder to confirm its timekeeping accuracy.


Payment and Returning the product to you:

You’ll be sent an invoice description of the performed service(s). Once you’ve paid via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire the watch will be shipped out insured with Signature Confirmation Delivery. You can also pay cash if you're picking up your watch.


Getting the product on hand:

After you made the payment, you can personally pick up your product or we will send it to you via postal service by cash on delivery. 




  • Why do you check the watch for water-resistance before any repair?

  • Any repair requires opening the watch case. This naturally breaks the water-resistance and, if it is not restored during the assembly, the case will allow water or even dust to enter, which can be more harmful to your movement. Not every workshop has the proper equipment to test and verify this and you may not even know that you were given back a watch that had lost its water-resistance.


  • What is watch washing and how does yours differ

  • Watch washing is a process of cleaning and lubricating the mechanism using special solutions and oils. Basically, washing is done either by hand or with professional automated machines and only small fragile parts are washed by hand. The process itself may seem simple but it is a very intricate and delicate operation. First the watch is disassembled and all of the jewels, wheels, gears, and springs, etc. are separated into baskets and first cleaned of the old oil with special solutions and solvents. Then the parts are run through our special professional auto-washer finished off with drying and then lubricated with the new oil. There is also a type of washing using ultrasound technology, a process of cleaning a watch case from contaminants with the help of ultrasonic waves. This is used to clean the external components of the watch such as bracelets, cases, crowns, pushers, and buckles. The dirt moves away from the case even in hard-to-reach places, such as inner surfaces of the bracelet parts, connection points, belt nests and so on.


  • Why is my quartz watch not keeping accurate time, even after a battery change?

  • This is due to the aging wear and tear on the inner quartz mechanism. The mechanism over time begins consuming greater amounts of energy than the battery can provide. In this case a new mechanism would be recommended, which we can provide.


  • Why does my mechanical watch become fast or slow in keeping time?

  • One of the most common reasons is because after a few years of not maintaining the watch the general wear on the inner components cause the lubricating oil to dry up, gears may shift out of alignment, which causes the calibration of the watch to be off, leading to you seeing a loss in timekeeping. Another reason may be having had the timepiece exposed to magnetism. This could be caused by something as simple as walking through certain high powered x-ray and metal detection machines, such as at an airport. Our demagnetization process restores your watch to original functionality.


  • What type of warranty do you provide for the repair?

  • We provide a 1 year warranty for all types of repair. Also, we provide a warranty for the parts purchased and installed in our workshop.


  • Is it possible to leave the mechanism in the workshop for repair, while taking away the case and the bracelet?

  • If you want, you can leave with us only the elements needing maintenance and take the rest with you. We may remove your bracelet or strap to take with you or when you send it in. However, we do require the case for reassembly and water-resistance sealing as well as the self-winding quality control.








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