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  • Buying a preowned / used Rolex watch

    Buying a Used Rolex Watch can save you thousands of dollars off the new retail price. However, one must be cautious since there are many fakes/replicas out there, as well as some dishonest sellers who misrepresent the description of the watches on their websites. We've created this small guide to help with that problem. If you follow these measures it will greatly reduce the opportunities that you will make a poor buying decision.

    There are several things that can be done to make a better purchase. However, the most significant ones are: check seller's standing, inquiry for version number, ask for first three digits of serial number, and require more pictures if available.

    It is extremely vital that you check for the seller's standing since in that manner you are already preventing possible scams. If you are considering buying your item on eBay you should check the seller's feedback , not only the total and percent of negatives but seller ratings in stars. I would advice that you buy from sellers who have at least 95% or more and a 4.5 rating or better. If you are using a search engine it really is good to understand how long the site has been online and see if you can find more about the website . Additionally it is useful to know if the company has very well clarified policies because the most serious firms do have one. Among the things that have to be checked on the policies are if they have a refund policy and a guarantee policy . It's always great to understand in case that you do not like the timepiece that it can be returned, or can be fixed at no charge in case it stops functioning. It is good to ask questions by sending emails since you can maintain a record of everything; yet, it really is always a good idea to phone before closing a deal.

    When you're ready to buy your pre-owned Rolex you'll need to do some research and find out which is the model number that you are searching for. Then You will have to request the seller what is the version number of the watch you've interest to see if it matches. The reason behind that is that some sellers customize watches in order to make customers believe they are buying a newer watch. For instance, let us say that you're interested in buying a Rolex Date Sapphire Crystal Stainless Steel Quick-Set. You'd then do your research and discover that the version number is 15200. You then go to a website and look at some graphics and the seller describes the watch as a Date Sapphire Crystal. In reality what you do not know is that the seller posted a model 1500 Plastic Crystal Non-Quick and customized it with sapphire crystal. In other word the seller is offering a considerably older watch making you believe that the the price is great when it's really expensive.

    The first the digits of the serial number will help you decide what year the watch was fabricated. Consequently if you need to decide for example looking at photos between two watches that appear similar and about the same price then the serial number would be a good deciding factor. For instance if you have a watch R86XXXX(1988) and a S73XXXX(1994), then the second would be the most suitable choice.

    Sometimes sellers simply put one picture of their watches, then it truly is a great idea to ask for more pictures including one of the back case, of the bracelet, and the move. Since you would not have the watch in your hands it'd be the best method to get a feeling of how good condition the watch is in. Please also make sure the photos listed are graphics of the real watch and not stock photos.

    With some time and patience You should have the capacity to save thousands of dollars on a lovely timepiece that'll last you for decades. Just follow these measures and You will be more confident in your purchase.

  • Four steps for buying a luxury watch

    We'd all like to be in a position where we could own a luxury watch. But of course the price of buying such an item might be quite a reach for some people. But if you were to go online, you would be astounded to see how affordable buying a watch from Chronostore like Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe and more online easy. Before you go ahead and make such a purchase, please read through these recommended tips for buying high-end watches online.

    Step 1: When you are buying any type of luxury watch, it is important that you look carefully at the type of guarantee being offered by the seller. If you can, pick a watch where a lifetime guarantee is already in place from the watch maker. Should any problems arise in due course, you're assured that the manufacturer will rectify them without incurring any costs on your part. Naturally, this is provided that the problems are resulting from manufacturer defects and not by user negligence. If the watch you need to buy doesn't contain any sort of guarantee, then certainly try and avoid it. In all likelihood, the item isn't a genuine post but instead an identical reproduction.

    Step 2: The next matter to take into account before deciding to invest in a luxury watch is how frequently do you plan to wear it. If you're intending to wear it all the time, it's best to choose one that isn't too heavy. Also, make sure it is fitted with a strap which will feel comfortable on your wrist. Rather, choose one that has a leather strap fitted with safety clasps which can readily be altered any time. This will even reduce the mishap of inadvertently losing the watch should you happen to be involved in sports or doing any type of rigorous outdoor activity.

    Step 3: One crucial factor about buying a high-end watch is regarding how much you can spend. So before you go out to begin looking around, sit down and work out a budget. How much can you realistically afford to spend, even on a funding plan? If you are not willing to try it, then there is every likelihood that you not only will buy a watch you cannot afford, but one that you just don't actually need. You can use Chronostore's make an offer option if you are close to the price but maybe they can work out a better deal for you.

    Step 4: Lastly, notice where the luxury watch is made. If you are seeking one of the best quality watches possible, then look for ones made in Switzerland. They're made to very precise standards by some of the world's finest watchmakers.

  • How Rolex stands the test of time

    buy-rolex-daytonaThere is little doubt that the relentless rounds of fashion trends affect us all, whether we're 'fashion conscious' or not. Though some people praise the current tends, swapping colors as the months progress, observing what hairstyles footballers and celebrities carry so that they can mimic them, others claim to possess no interest in the driving models that grasp designer and sidewalk alike - yet there's no escape. Whether we enjoy it or not, the clothes, shoes, belts buckles and accessories we use depend on a select few - those that determine what the merchants may sell, and there is no denying that this is a choice based solely on what is 'in' this season.

    Rolex watches are no exception to this consumptive drive; at the moment a prosperous, vivid blue is producing a comeback in watch dials right across the industry - a pleasant cooling sensation to counter the hot summer perhaps. With so many people inspired by high profile celebrities that cannot afford to be 'unfashionable' (think snide remarks from women's journals), fashion is a drive to be reckoned with; one which few suppliers could risk ignoring.

    Of the major watch manufacturers, few can safely bypass fashion trends should they desire to survive. Of these that will, the title Rolex immediately springs to mind. Rolex watches are a masterpiece to look at. A part of the reason that they're so legendary is the fact that the firm has found an enormously successful design and stuck with it; a Rolex built thirty or forty years back is not worlds away from its modern counterpart. The subtle differences in a Rolex's look because it morphs over the years have as much regarding security and technology as to do with visual improvements.

    The biggest concern that Rolex looks is not the endlessly changing (however, eventually, endlessly repeating) styles, but endlessly creative counterfeiters, desperate to cash in on the glowing status that Rolex has developed. Over the years, Rolex has attempted a variety of various security measures, from holograms to laser etched crystal, so that as these procedures have replaced each other, they have left a minefield of errors for counterfeiters to belong to, which may assist in their identification. Anyone attempting to imitate an older Rolex must get the security feature right, together with the watch's style.

    The refined style improvements that Rolex make annually simply nod in the path of current trends - the new Submariner has a blue dial and bezel, but an updated model of the classic black model is its counterpoint, and number of the other new styles feature much blue in any way. The 2009 edition of the Cosmograph Daytona is diamond studded, and its own only respect to blue are the simple, tasteful blue numbers around the dial.

    Although many luxury watch brands seem to lead the way in terms of fashions, with new types that showoff technical expertise instead of pure appearance, the constant changing designs and look of these watches, in size, form and supplies displays a greater problem over their image. When a firm's more vintage designs seem 'dated', it's truly a signal they've moved with the circulation of fashion, rather than, like Rolex, created an absolutely timeless fashion of their own.

  • Selling your Rolex watch online

    Selling a Rolex watch, particularly if it's an old piece, is kind of hard and time consuming for its owner. This is especially true if the owner has a long history with the watch. Parting with it requires a lot of willingness and determination. Therefore it is very important to make sure that after you decide to sell your Rolex , you get a great price for it.

    There are several variables that should be considered in selling a pre-owned Rolex watch. An important concern is the tightness of the band. A tighter band usually brings in more money than an elderly looking, worn out, loose band. The state of the dial's condition is critical also. Remember that original dials are valued more than refurbished dial. This valuation is accurate even if the original piece is not in tip-top shape.

    Naturally, the materials used in your Rolex will be considered as well. Most buyers commonly look for only Rolex watches made of white or yellow gold, 14k or 18k, platinum, and even stainless steel. Also, take note that buyers pay a premium if you have the original box and papers with the timepiece, and even a receipt.

    So how exactly can you sell a Rolex watch? Well, a Rolex watch isn't something most regular people can afford. It would be unwise to limit yourself to your locality when it comes to selling Rolex watches. In this regard, here are a few alternatives you can consider:

    eBay - a lot of people underestimate the potential of eBay. It is very possible to sell Rolex watches and other jewelry items at a fair price at the website. Just make certain you know all the details about seller protection before joining.

    Reputable Local Merchant - vendors are usually the first pick among Rolex sellers. Most buyers can offer instant cash for their needs. Doing business with local retailers is a proven method to sell your Rolex. Nevertheless, you might not necessarily get the best price from them.

    Reputable Online Dealer  like Chronostore.com - sell a watch online to a reputable online dealer will open up a lot of opportunities for you. For instance, it is possible to get a higher price in these trades because the internet is a competitive marketplace.

    Original Rolex components are the main factor buyers look for when they buy pre owned timepieces. Add on dials, bezels, or any other accessory that didn't come from Rolex won't help you get a higher price. Additionally, it does not matter much if your Rolex is in working condition.

    Even if it hasn't been functional for some time, a true Rolex Buyer will take it specially if they are in the business. After all, they truly are professionals and are effective at getting it to work again and will pay a good amount for it. Ultimately, original and boxes and receipts for your Rolex watch will get the best prices for you. Just make sure to go to a valid buyer like Chronostore for your protection and profit.

  • “Defining Moment”


    Though our first social media campaigns began in 2014, it wasn’t until Summer 2015 that we were able to develop ourselves internally, allowing us to consistently focus on defining our image within the watch and luxury jewelry community online. From January to July of 2015 we only had 39 posts across all of our social media accounts and about 700 followers on Instagram. Today, not even a year later, we’re on the cusp of reaching 10K Followers, which is due to a decision made on July 23rd, the day we posted this photo of a Breitling Chronomat 44. That day we decided to post at least 1 image everyday and teach our customers as much as possible during every interaction. That decision still defines us and is the root of the reason we chose to begin this blog.

  • "Change of Pace"

    Current Chronostore.com Logo

    The Chronostore logo has changed a few times over the years and it may be changing again soon. In November of 2014, we held a Logo Design Contest where the 1st Prize Winner was awarded a Michael Kors Watch, pictured below. The winning concept, and our current logo (pictured above), was designed by Kevin G., an amazing cartoonist based out of New Jersey who submitted several entries. We’re still deciding whether or not to hold another contest, but we’re certain a new logo is coming soon. Follow us @ChronostoreNYC for the latest updates!



    Michael Kors Runway, Model MK8096


  • WOTD: Balance Wheel

    A weighted wheel triggered by the hairspring that moves the hands forward in a mechanical watch by spinning back-and-forth, producing momentum to operate the escape lever and keep consistent and accurate time

  • "Out With The Old"

    Franck Mulle Conquistador Franck Muller Conquistador, Model 8005 CC

    Progress comes in many forms. Pictured above is a Franck Muller Conquistador, our first Instagram post, which began our social media endeavors on January 30th, 2014. However, with the launch of our new blog we’re saying, “Good-bye” to our old photos on Instagram so we can show only the best that we have to offer. To keep up with our latest work, Follow us @ChronostoreNYC on Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest. Our old work will be viewable on the new Pinterest board, "Left Behind".

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    "Our First Ticks"

    At Chronostore our motto is “Bring Time to Life”, which we feel is a creative way of saying, “Make the best of every moment.” Our passion is introducing the beauty of watches into the lives of people seeking a token of their accomplishments, those looking to give a lasting, meaningful gift, or those wishing to restore a watch so it can be appreciated even more. However, we feel a watch should compliment the life of the owner, so we strive not to sell you any watch we can, but to connect you with one that actually suits you and your lifestyle. Here you’ll find expert insight as well as exclusive content of your favorite luxury brand watches, jewelry, and a growing variety of luxury accessories. You’ll also have the opportunity to rediscover missed moments from our social media, learn a new watch-related term daily, and view original articles, reviews, and videos by our Chronostore staff. Your passion has a purpose, ours is to help you be punctual.

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